Attics and basements are two spaces in every home that often go wasted.  They are perfect spots for adding additional rooms, or play areas for children—or even creating means for more storage for office and work supplies—without having to move or build onto an existing house.  Regardless of the ideas you have for your extra space, we’re ready to help you get there.  Looking at an unfinished attic or basement and seeing its potential is difficult, but we have the experience to tell you exactly how to get from where you are now to where you want to be.  For those living in the Derry, NH area, let us help you create a dream from your basement and attic. 


With Triple R Renovations, you can expect a wide variety of services including:

Flooring – The biggest parts of an unfinished basement or attic are usually the floors.  Just getting something down on the ground helps make the space feel complete and special.  Depending on the kind of space you’re working with, as well as what you plan to use the space for, we’ll help you get the exact kind of floors down so that you will not only have an attic or basement that looks beautiful, but is also functionally realistic. 

Lighting – Another major aspect of completing unused space is putting in the proper lighting.  Based on whether the room will dominantly be used during the day, or mostly at night—for entertainment or for work, we’ll get the proper lights in for you regardless of where and which kind they are.  Your space will be the perfect combination of all you need in order to make it the exact room you have in your mind. 

Bathrooms – If your space is to have a bathroom, we’re equipped to get that ready and installed.  We’ll come into your space and give you an idea of how that would work, and if it could work.  Let us plan with you and bring in all you need to this new addition to your home in order to make it the perfect place for your family and friends to use. 

Consultation – We’re more than happy to help you discover your unfinished basement or attic for all the potential it has.  We can work with you to plan your new space, as well as tell you what will and will not be possible.  Call us at any time to stop by and give you a free quote on the work it’ll take to bring your dream to life.  We’re passionate about what we do, and we can’t wait to get started on improving your home. 

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